Security Policy

We take security very seriously and want you to feel totally at ease shopping with us online. We now offer a payment system that is far safer than giving your credit card details over the telephone, or giving your card to a waiter in a restaurant.

We process all our payments using the most up to date SSL technology, which meets the highest industry standards. This ensures that all your credit or debit card information is encrypted, significantly helping to prevent card information being stolen. In addition, please note that we do not hold your credit or debit card details on file. This does mean that for every order you place you have to re-enter your card information, but we feel this offers you total security and peace of mind.

For customers who use an up to date version of internet explorer, a padlock symbol will appear on the bottom of your page (on the browser bar) when you are in the payment section of the website.

In addition, we now offer all of our customers extra protection with Mastercard Secure Code, an internet version of chip and pin. Enrolling for it is a simple one off process and it works by asking you for a secret password which you choose. Just like chip and pin, only you will know the password you register, so only you will be able to authorise your online purchases. Not all online retailers participate in the scheme at the moment but most will over time due to the added security it offers you as a customer. 

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