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The Fairytale...

The Fairytale - why the Royal Wedding captured our hearts...

Something strange happened last week. Even my most republican friends got completely and utterly swept away by Royal Wedding fever and became obsessed with all things ‘Kate and William' on the big day itself. Even my husband, who would never usually watch such a thing, was glued to the screen - perhaps more to do with Pippa Middleton's appearance rather than the wedding itself - but still there he was.

So with an estimated 750 million people tuning in to the much-anticipated event, I think we can safely say we all needed something happy to focus on as a nation, something to draw us together and to smile about amidst this time of financial crisis and doom and gloom. I also think of all the weddings covered in the media, the thing that captured my attention about this one was what a truly great relationship the couple appear to have. Despite the difficult and constant media attention Just to see the way they look at each other reminded me of why I married my husband and it's easy to forget that amidst the chaos of everyday life. I think the royal wedding provided some much needed escapism for us all, albeit for a day.

I wish them a lifetime of happiness.