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Behind the scenes at The Last Detail

Behind the scenes at our latest photo shoot

5 days, 546 shots, 4 great lunches and 3 packets of chocolate biscuits (not all eaten by me I may point out) later we have finally ended up with 123 stunning photographs which, I hope you agree, show off our latest new products beautifully.

I always forget how gruelling a photo shoot can be, especially for products like ours that require so much styling to show off every little detail. Did you know that to set up just one shot, it takes between 30 minutes and an hour? Mind you, that might be my fault for changing my mind so many times - we take a great deal of time and trouble to source really high quality products for you, so I'm a bit of a perfectionist when it comes to photographing them!

Having a stylist on hand is invaluable to help ‘bring out the best side' of our products and ensure that they are captured in the most inspiring and memorable way. I spent hours trying to track down a three-tier wedding cake to ensure that our stylist had a suitably stylish backdrop on which to display our rose petals. And you can't imagine the myriad of ways in which we set up our confetti cones to make them look their best!

The shoot probably wasn't made easier by the fact that I had my two small children in tow one afternoon, due to a lack of childcare options (does anyone else struggle with the whole child / work thing?!) but thankfully they behaved themselves beautifully - no doubt due to the amount of products they could ‘play' with and sneaky chocolate biscuits they were fed.

A lot of patience coupled with some improvisation (although I would have preferred the real thing, Appletiser is a handy substitute for champagne!), a photographer with a great sense of humour (the lovely Tony) together with a bucket load of teamwork, is without doubt the best recipe for a successful photo shoot.

Despite all the hard work it really was worth it - I am thrilled with our new photography and just want to say a huge thank-you to our photographers, Powerhouse Photography in Leeds for making it all happen and for coping with my two small children!

Although I love them all, here are three of my favourite shots:

turquoise chocolate hearts