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Beauty Review – The SkinBase Facial

August 8th, 2012 by

Posted in Beauty reviews

From now on we’re going to be reviewing the latest beauty trends, products and treatments in order to give you our unbiased account of what’s hot in beauty. We want our customers to look fabulous on their big day, whether it’s at a wedding, party or other special occasion. This week, our PR Manager Amy reviewed The SkinBase Facial – the latest microdermabrasion treatment sweeping the UK for its miraculous skin treating abilities.

I’d heard quite a lot about the SkinBase Facial from numerous sources before I went along for a treatment last week. As someone with a full time job, I rarely feel I have the time to fit complex, drawn out beauty treatments into my day – and weekends are often spent travelling to see friends and family. This means my poor, neglected skin is often treated only to a quick cleanse and a bit of moisturiser on a daily basis.

The SkinBase microdermabrasion facial is quickly sweeping the UK as the most sought after facial for busy professionals, working mothers and pretty much anyone who suffers from skin problems such as acne, uneven skin tones, fine lines and pigmentation (dark spots).


SkinBase is a process of deep exfoliation and resurfacing). It works by firing a jet of teeny tiny crystal particles at the skin, dislodging dead and damaged cells layer by layer and then sucking away the debris. This process stimulates bloody flow, encouraging collagen and elastin production that reduces wrinkles, acne scarring, sun damage and all manner of other facial imperfections, to give you a more even and youthful complexion.

The treatment has been praised and tested by the likes of luxury lifestyle magazine, Sheerluxe and the greatest beauty magazine there is, Vogue.


The final result from the Sheerluxe team - SkinBase Facial


The reason behind the success of SkinBase (it’s now available at over 1,600 salons across the UK and Ireland) is down to a couple of major points. Firstly, the treatment takes just 30 – 40 minutes. The short timeframe and the fact it’s none invasive means that clients can have the facial and return to their desks without any trouble whatsoever, many are already coining it ‘the lunch break facial’. Secondly, the facial is having some fairly amazing results on problem skin – case studies, testimonials and videos on the SkinBase site are quite impressive.

I popped into my nearby salon the day before having my treatment and had a patch test (it too just seconds and it’s something SkinBase recommend for all their clients). On the day of my treatment, I left my skin free of all make up (trauma!) and set off to the salon. The staff were lovely, friendly and talked me through the procedure in detail before starting (I’m told they all receive top training from SkinBase before taking on the machine – hence the knowledge of all the SkinBase therapists).

As I’m only quite young (26) I did wonder if the treatment would make much difference to my combination skin – it’s looking a little lacklustre at the moment so I was hoping for a boost. The treatment began with a facial steam and cleanse to open and clean the pores ready for extraction. It was all very relaxing and soothing! Then the SkinBase machine jumped into life and I did wonder if the ‘abrasive crystals’ might hurt. It couldn’t have been further from the truth, the therapist was steady and gentle, and the crystals and vacuum action was painless bar a tiny little pricking sensation on a couple of areas. When the treatment finished my face was smothered in a cooling, soothing mask, followed by moisturiser and SPF.


There's some amazing transformations in those who have tried the facial


Overall, I was delighted with the SkinBase treatment. I can honestly say my skin has never felt so clean and fresh. I had a slight redness for an hour or so after the treatment (I do have quite sensitive skin though and many people don’t have any trouble). My face felt incredibly soft and the small fine lines were definitely less noticeable. SkinBase recommend 5 – 6 treatments (one a week) dependent on your skin and problems. Acne, acne scarring and deep wrinkles take longer to penetrate and treat.


The treatment is perfect for busy individuals


I’d recommend anyone (including brides on the run up to their wedding day) to give the SkinBase facial a go, it’s made a huge difference to me and I’ve booked in for more sessions.

You can find your nearest SkinBase therapist here.

Amy x

Website: www.skinbase.co.uk

Skinbase also run a competition for one of their facebook fans to win a FREE facial every week – you can enter here.